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What is a Life Settlement

No Longer Wanted + No Longer Needed + No Longer Affordable

A life settlement is a transaction in which a policy owner sells a life insurance policy that is no longer wanted, no longer needed, or is no longer affordable. The policy owner receives a cash payment from the buyer that exceeds the policy’s surrender value offered by the insurance carrier and has no on-going responsibility to pay any future premiums.

Could a Life Settlement Be Right For You?

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Life Settlements
Can Help

Did You Know 88% of Universal Life Insurance Policies Never Pay a Death Claim?

A Life Settlement can be a valuable tool that allows you to cash in on your policy, instead of letting it lapse, or instead of continuing to make expensive premium payments. A cash payment from a life insurance settlement can be used however you like, such as to cover medical expenses, go on a great vacation, pay down debt, etc.

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The Life Settlement Process

Just 4 Simple, Easy & Fast Steps To Financial Freedom!

Exploring a life insurance settlement is simple, easy, and fast. Your dedicated client advocate at LifeRoc Direct will assist you with any paperwork and information gathering to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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Do You Qualify

Say Goodbye to Your Old Life Insurance Policy & Hello to Financial Freedom.

Many of our clients qualify for a life settlement or one of our other cost savings programs. Most types of life insurance policies are eligible for a life settlement. However, every policy and the circumstances around the insured are different. As such we encourage you to discuss the specifics of your policy with us to ensure you qualify.

  • Type

    Universal Life, Term Life, Whole Life, Variable Life, & Joint Survivorship

  • Insured Age

    Ages 70+ (some younger ages can qualify)

  • Face Amount

    $100,000 - 100,000,000+

  • Health Status

    The insured has experienced a moderate or major change in health since policy issue

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Representative Case Examples

*Below are samples we generated, drawing from actual case data which one or more team member have seen, so you can see what a life settlement may mean for individuals with different circumstances.

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